ABUBAKER TECHNICAL SERVICE AND GENERAL SUPPLIES LIMITED Is a Civil Engineering and Construction works-oriented company that was registered in 2002 under number 52003 by the registrar of Companies with its address as follows: P.O Box 29087, Kampala, Uganda Telephone: +256-392-949990, Email:[email protected] It is a limited liability company and commenced operations in the year 2005.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer the finest quality product, in a timely manner and maintain the highest standards of service to always exceed client satisfaction

Our Vision

To be the most sought after contractor in the region which meeting the challenges of execution, quality, safety and schedule set us apart from our competitors.

Our Location

The company offices and main yard are on an area of 22,505 square metres (5.6 acres) at plot 1508 Kigombya – Mukono located 22 Kilometres from the Kampala City Centre along the Kampala-Jinja Road Highway. In addition, the company owns a granite rock quarry site totaling to 161,120 square metres (40 acres) in area and located 52 Kilometres from Kampala along the Kampala- Gulu Highway.

What We offer

The company offers the following services: New road construction (Paved and Unpaved); Road re-construction and rehabilitation (paved and unpaved); Bridge construction and maintenance; Road Maintenance (Periodic and Routine); Drainage construction and maintenance; Large waterway channel construction and maintenance; Solar system including solar street lights, solar road studs, solar energy generation and supply; Remodeling and alterations for traffic schemes; Road markings and signs; installation of road studs; Building construction and renovations. The company also owns and operates a metal fabrication and machining workshop.

The company in addition produces and supplies the following: Concrete pipe culverts (600mm, 900mm and 1200mm); Precast U shaped channels; Concrete paving blocks; Concrete paving slabs, Concrete hollow and solid blocks, Concrete kerbs; Asphalt concrete and stone aggregate of all sizes.

The company has successfully operated in Kampala City and elsewhere in the country for the past ten years working on both small and medium sized road construction, road maintenance and drainage construction projects and has to date constructed over 80kilometres of tarmac roads, over 300 kilometres of gravel roads including affiliated drainage systems and since 2014 installed over 600 No. high quality solar street lights in Kampala City and in the municipalities of Mbarara,Hoima and Fort portal among others.

Our Clients

Our major clients have mainly been the Government of Uganda represented by Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Uganda National Roads Authority(UNRA), Civil Aviation Authority(CAA), Ministry of Works and Transport (MoWT) and Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MoLHUD). Works executed have also included World Bank funded projects in the Albertine Region, Hoima Municipality, Fort Portal Municipality and Mbarara Municipality.

Our Commitment

 Our commitment to quality, safety, timely completion of projects, health, environmental protection, social safeguards, innovation, integrity and ethical conduct has resulted in customer satisfaction which has led to our rapid growth in the construction industry particularly road and drainage works. The company is proud of its exemplary practices in project management that has given it an edge resulting in great client satisfaction. Our achieved performance level has gained the company a premium position over a very short period and we are already realizing our vision. In the construction industry the primary ways to compete are through better project management. One of the most important processes for winning a contract is the bid process. Abubaker Technical and General Supplies Limited has a unique competitive edge over many of its competitors in its class. Our policy of honesty, paying up our suppliers in time has paid off. Through these relationships, Abubaker Technical Services and General supplies Limited has been able to gain very advantageous supplier contracts allowing Abubaker Technical Services and General Supplies Limited to obtain its materials at a significant discount and on credit to allow works continue without interruption